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  • Ways and strategies to profit on YouTube

    Ways and strategies to profit on YouTube


    YouTube is one of the most popular online platforms with over 1 billion users. With more than 20 hours of video being uploaded every minute and an average viewer age of just 18 years old, there are many ways to profit from this platform. If you’re new to YouTube and want to start making money from it then here are some ways that will help:

    Be an affiliate.

    The first thing you need to do is become an affiliate.

    An affiliate is someone who promotes a product, service or brand on YouTube in exchange for compensation. Affiliates can earn money by promoting products in their videos or blogs, and they can also earn ad revenue from the links they provide to advertisers (the people who are paying them).

    In some cases, you might have to pay a fee every time someone clicks through your link or buys something as part of an affiliate program; this varies depending on how much traffic you’re getting from your video(s) and what type of products/services it’s related to. For example: if I was trying to sell books online via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), then there would be additional costs associated with this process—but if I’m using KDP solely as an intermediary between myself and my readership (iBookstore), then there will be no extra cost incurred at all!

    Create videos that work with ads.

    The best way to make sure your video works with ads is to create content that’s relevant and appropriate. As a general rule of thumb, you should avoid using your own brand name in any of the ads or promotions you put on YouTube. This can be confusing for viewers who may not know what else you do besides advertise for products and services.

    In addition to being appropriate, the content needs to support the ad itself so it doesn’t feel like an interruption or distraction from the rest of the video itself. For example: if there is an ad promoting something like a movie trailer that shows off some new technology at work (elevators), then maybe include clips from interviews about how this technology will change people’s lives; however if there are no interviews but instead just shots from various angles around city hall where elevators go up into floors above ground level rather than down into basements below ground level then those shots may not be very interesting because they don’t show anything new or special about these new elevators compared with older models which still exist today!

    Offer online courses or coaching.

    • Offer online courses or coaching.
    • Create a membership site.
    • Create a blog that offers tips and tricks, tutorials, and other valuable content for the people who are interested in what you have to say.

    Become a YouTube partner.

    You can become a YouTube partner and earn money by:

    • Having a minimum of 10,000 lifetime views on your channel.
    • Reaching 40% or more of the total audience for your videos (which means that you need to have at least 200K subscribers).
    • Doing promotional work for brands and other companies who want to reach your audience.

    If you meet these requirements, YouTube will share ad revenue with you! They also offer several other ways for creators to make money off their channels:

    Sell merchandise.

    Sell merchandise on your own website. You can sell t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and other items directly from the site or through a third-party marketplace. This is an easy way to make money without having to invest in expensive equipment or software. The best part? You won’t have any inventory costs! Just create listings as needed and keep track of sales so that you can be ready when customers come knocking at your door.

    Sell merchandise on Amazon Marketplace: If there are products that are already selling well but don’t fit into what you do (or if you’re just looking for another platform), this could be a great option for getting started with selling online as well! It’s similar to eBay—you’ll need an account with them first before making sales though; otherwise everything else will run through Seller Central instead of FBA which means no fees associated with listing anything at all unless someone buys something then decides not sale back within 30 days after receiving it (then they would owe tax).

    Use crowdfunding.

    The next step is to create a project. You can use crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, or you can just get creative with your own ideas and work out how much money you need to raise from friends and family.

    You can use crowdfunding for anything from a new video game or album to art projects like paintings or sculptures. There are lots of different ways that you could use it, so if there’s something particular that interests you then try looking at other projects on the platform first before choosing yours!

    There are many ways to profit from YouTube, and it is important to find the right strategy for you

    There are many ways to profit from YouTube, and it is important to find the right strategy for you.

    • It depends on your niche. If you are interested in making money by creating videos about a specific topic, then it might be easier for you to sell ads on your channel rather than making content and selling them on another website.
    • It depends on your audience. If most people who watch your channel are young men living in the United States (and probably not watching because they like fashion), then maybe an ad network would be more suitable for monetizing than an affiliate program or other type of revenue sharing plan like Patreon where fans pay creators directly by purchasing goods or services from them!
    • It depends on what kind of content creator/marketer/whatever label fits best into this equation at any given moment; however once again there’s nothing wrong with trying all options before committing fully until something clicks along nicely enough so that everyone involved feels satisfied enough with their experience that they’re willing with no hesitation whatsoever (or fear) ordering more stuff later down line after having seen how awesomely successful someone else has been doing when using tools similar yet unique enough yet complementary enough toward achieving success via both ends simultaneously.”


    The world of online video is changing quickly, and there are many ways to profit from YouTube. You can use your talent and creativity to make a lot of money or you can become an affiliate of someone else’s product or service. Choose wisely!

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  • What are the stages of digital marketing? How is the market analyzed?

    What are the stages of digital marketing? How is the market analyzed?

    What are the stages of digital marketing? How is the market analyzed?

    In the previous article, we learned about the concept of modern marketing and what digital marketing means, noting that science develops gradually over time through theory, experience and proof.

    How is the market analyzed? What is the modern marketing mix?

    First: To make it easier for you to grasp a specific science or art, you must understand its foundations, which will contribute effectively to its ease of assimilation and development over time, so until you can become a digital marketer or at least an electronic marketer, then we must gradually understand marketing: Follow this article to know more about

    The concept of modern marketing and the concept of digital marketing

    How is the market analyzed?

    Knowing how the decision of the digital marketer is affected.

    In a historical brief, McCarthy outlined a specific system on which the company makes marketing decisions, and this later came to be known as the Marketing Mix.

    What is marketing mix 4p’s, and what is marketing mix 7p’s?

    The marketing mix is defined as: The strategy of using and integrating the basic marketing elements from: Product – Price – Place – Promotion to make the marketing decision that would raise and increase the profitability of the company with Meet the needs of the market or consumers.

    What are the stages of digital marketing? How is the market analyzed?

    What are the stages of digital marketing? How is the market analyzed?

    Marketing Mix 4p’s

    With the passage of time and the increase of companies, and many companies directed towards providing services, especially digital services, due to the great expansion since the discovery of the Internet, companies have moved from 1990 to the present day to use the modern or expanded marketing mix (Marketing Mix 7p’s) which is in addition to the mix General marketing as it integrates other elements: People – Process – Physical Evidence

    Marketing Mix 7p's

    So what does a digital marketer need to do the marketing analysis?

    We must know that marketing analysis is the process of analyzing the data present in the elements of the marketing mix of price, product, audience, target location, and material factor that will add value to the market or consumer according to the type of service provided, as well as the various promotion channels, in addition to the methodology followed by the marketer.

    After the marketer gets all the necessary data about the product or service (the elements of the marketing mix), he will follow multiple analytical foundations, taking into account Porter’s analytical model.

    What is the Porter Five Forces Module?

    Porter’s model is known as a business analytical framework which is used in evaluating business or market strategies. This framework is used in analyzing the competition and the type of relationship between the company and the market and other determining forces and competition for the business. This model relies mainly on the fact that if one of the forces affecting the scope of work changes, whether internally or externally, then the company must re-evaluate the labor market.

    1- Power of competition 2- Alternative products 3- Ability of buyers 4- Ability of suppliers 5- Entry of new competitors

    Accordingly, the digital marketer takes this model a wide space on the basis of which he analyzes the size of the market, the strength of competitors as well as the weaknesses and their number in the target market, the digital marketer can also determine the audience of competitors and the availability of alternative services or goods for what the company or brand offers. .


    Then the digital marketer converts this data into numbers and foundations upon which to make the marketing decision that would achieve the company’s marketing objectives from: reaching the service or product to the target audience, adding the competitive advantage (determined based on the elements of the marketing mix and analyzing the strength of competition based on On Porter’s model) as well as determining market shares of competitors and the company.

    What are the steps of marketing analysis?

    As we mentioned, the analysis is the process of collecting various data, on the market, consumers, in many cases taking into account the extent to which the service or commodity is related to the state’s economic or political factor, such as: The prices of Chinese products are affected by US sanctions. The different goods and services are also affected by government tax policies, which in turn calls for the corporation to review and evaluate again its marketing strategies as well as its marketing mix.

    The analysis process answers a set of questions:

    • 1- Who is the desired category of consumers for the service or product?
    • 2- What is the market behavior and consumer behavior towards the good or service?
    • 3- What is the market size? What are the competitors’ market shares? What is the potential market share for the service or good?
    • 4- What is the estimated consumer spending rate for a good or service?
    • 5- Who are the competitors? How many competitors? What is the strength of the competitors? What are the competitors’ weaknesses?

    To answer these questions, the digital marketer must carry out the analysis process on the basis of:

    • 1- Defining the objectives of the analysis and linking them with the marketing objectives
    • 2- Current analysis of the service or commodity in order to determine future expectations.
    • 3- Defining target customers, to customize targeting such as: gender, age, geographical location, financial ability, interests, and online presence.
    • 4- Analyzing competitors and identifying them accurately and comparing all competitors: strength, weakness, service, audience size, market share. (SWOT analysis)
    • 5- Using different information sources to obtain data about competitors and the market, such as: competitors’ periodic revenues, economic news, etc.
    • 6- Evaluate your analysis.
    • 7- Decision-making and implementation of the marketing strategy.


    The stages of digital marketing analysis do not differ much from the concept of modern marketing analysis and research, but the difference is a qualitative difference on the availability of multiple marketing channels digitally, as well as advanced analysis methods and tools, and the availability of information and obtaining it in a larger and faster way online (via the Internet)

    This was a quick summary about market analysis, and brevity due to the lack of time and momentum of information about marketing. In the next article, we will talk more about digital marketing, methods of analysis followed, and how to become a digital marketer.

    What are the stages of digital marketing? How is the market analyzed?

    What are the stages of digital marketing? How is the market analyzed?

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  • What is the best site to buy Bitcoin

    What is the best site to buy Bitcoin

    This how to buy Bitcoin guide helps you review and compare the top Bitcoin trading platforms to decide where to buy BTC:

    You may utilize locally accessible and preferred payment methods including credit cards, bank accounts, and online payment methods while purchasing bitcoin at the finest location. The trading interface should be simple to use, accessible around-the-clock, and quick to deposit and withdraw BTC from. Most importantly, there shouldn’t be any outrageous expenses.

    You should only utilize secure sites that are safe to store and buy Bitcoin from because of its enormous value and great demand. If not, hackers may obtain your password and private keys and take your bitcoin.

    This article explains how to acquire Bitcoin and provides a thorough analysis of 11 locations where you may buy it swiftly, safely, and for little money.

    How To Buy Bitcoin

    Consider the following points to understand the best way to buy bitcoin:

    #1) Identify a Bitcoin trading platform:

    Finding the finest Bitcoin trading platform on which to create an account or wallet and store your Bitcoins is the first step. It is advised to create a wallet using a trading platform since you won’t need to continually transmitting Bitcoins between different wallets or accounts.

    Please read our assessment of the top Bitcoin retailers below and use those sites to set up a wallet. For the majority of sites, opening an account entails opening a wallet. Verify the account features to see if the wallet is offered after registration. Most of the time, it ought to be. If this is the case, all you need to do is create a wallet address to which you may transfer your purchased Bitcoins.

    #2) Creating a Bitcoin wallet

    :A full tutorial on the top Bitcoin wallets, including hardware wallets, is available in case you need to generate a wallet address outside from the trading sites, say using a hardware device. The majority of wallets exist as software on platforms where you must register for an account and purchase a wallet. If it is a hardware wallet instead, just purchase it and start the setup process.

    Remember to back up your wallet, write down and preserve the recovery passphrase, or store the private keys offline if the platform offers these options. In the event that something goes wrong with the account, you can recover the wallet thanks to this.

    3 Connect fiat source:

    We’re going to presume that you wish to purchase BTC using local money like USD or EUR. Peer-to-peer networks like Bisq and Paxful will be useful for individuals who inquire about how to buy Bitcoin with other local currencies and locally accessible payment methods.

    You may link your bank, Visa, Web Money, PayPal, credit card accounts, and other money sources to the sites we’ve examined below to buy bitcoins.

    #4) Buy the Bitcoin

    : The way that different Bitcoin trading platforms function varies. Some, like Paxful, let you make direct purchases from peers. In such situation, many consumers use the site to put sell orders. Find the lowest-priced sell order. Make that the individual who submitted the order complies with your purchasing requirements, such as letting you pay using your preferred payment method.

    A buy order can be posted to other peers on peer-to-peer systems. To sell BTC in accordance with the terms of your buy order, you must wait for a seller to get in touch with you.

    Buy orders are merely posted in a unified order book on other centralized cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase. In that scenario, you must first make a deposit into your account. When it appears in the balance, check the order book, add the necessary amount of Bitcoin to a sell order, and then complete the purchase. If your account balance is sufficient, simply clicking the buy button will be sufficient.

    For individuals wondering how to invest in bitcoin, several of these platforms provide extra investing options. Some, for example, allow you to lend or stake the Bitcoin you purchased and receive interest. Some let you store a lot of BTC in your wallet. Check to see if the platform is safe.

    You may make purchases from the website using other platforms, such as You don’t begin with setting up an account or linking the funding source for them. This occurs while purchasing Bitcoin. However, the BTC will be sent to a BTC wallet.

    Visit the website, enter the wallet address and desired BTC amount, and follow the on-screen instructions. You’ll register for an account, link your payment method, and send funds through a third-party selling platform. After the payment is verified, the BTC is transferred to the wallet.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1 How do I purchase a Bitcoin?

    Choosing or locating a trading platform where Bitcoins are available is the first step in purchasing them, however you may also get in touch with peers who already have them and purchase straight from them. We have included the top Bitcoin trading platforms in this guide if you are looking for one.

    By joining up for one of the services and making sure it accepts your payment method for the BTC, you may create a Bitcoin wallet. Connect your bank account or credit card to the site to make an order on the exchange.

    2) Can I buy Bitcoin for $10?

    Response: Yes. Because it may be purchased in fractions, $10 will get you some BTC. The majority of BTC-selling exchanges have a $10 minimum order requirement. Peer-to-peer trades or direct purchases from peers are additional options.

    3) Can I buy Bitcoin for $50?

    Response: Yes. But only a little portion of it. Bitcoin may be purchased in small amounts. Please determine the price of 1 Bitcoin and how much of it $50 can purchase. You buy more cryptocurrency the more money you have.

    This is a little sum if you’re wondering how to invest in bitcoin. To enhance your exposure to earnings when prices rise, you will need to invest more fiat money. However, this is a sensible starting point.

    4) Where can I buy Bitcoin directly?

    You can buy from other Bitcoin owners, is the response. Peer-to-peer trading systems and exchanges like Bisq and Paxful make this feasible. They let you interact with other merchants and make payments using the various local payment options.

    5) Can a Bitcoin Crash?

    As a result of the large number of individuals and institutions that have invested in bitcoin, it is currently considerably more stable than it was in the past. It can hardly go completely away. However, because it is volatile, the price may change either upward or downward. To minimize the consequences of volatility, please use portfolio management tools that enable you to keep an eye on prices in real-time and take appropriate action.

    6) Where can I buy bitcoin online?

    The websites , , , Gemini, and CoinMama all provide the ability to purchase BTC online. These websites enable you register, generate a wallet address, store your bitcoins, or send them to other wallets.

    These platforms allow for almost instantaneous purchases, which are completed in around 10 minutes. They are safe venues for BTC purchases as well. You may also buy from them for as little as $10.

    The below image shows the Bitcoin price movement since 2013:

    List of Best Places To Buy Bitcoin

    Below is a list of popular and best Bitcoin trading platforms:

    1. eToro
    2. Pionex
    3. Bitstamp
    5. Binance
    6. CoinSmart
    7. Coinmama
    9. Coinbase
    11. Gemini
    12. Paxful
    13. SoFi
    14. Bisq
    15. BlockFi

    Best Bitcoin Trading Platforms Comparison Table

    Examining trading platforms

    #1) eToro

    Because it enables users to mimic the trading tactics of well-known investors, eToro is famous across the world for its cutting-edge social and copy trading capabilities.

    More than 20 million investors from more than 140 nations make up the social trading community. The community may exchange trade knowledge, concepts, and tactics to increase trading interaction.

    With a bank account, credit card, debit card, or PayPal, users may purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using USD, EUR, and other local currencies.


    • Free demo trading account
    • Set automatic recurring deposits.
    • Buy and own BTC in the wallet
    • Mobile and web apps.
    • Detailed charting and trading tools including TradeView integration.
    • Copy popular crypto investors.
    • Join millions of investors on the world’s largest social investing platform

    2) Pionex

    Pionex: Arguably one of the greatest tools for helping newcomers to cryptocurrency trading transition smoothly into the field is Pionex. There are 16 trading bots available here that are all free to use and each automate the entire trading process in a different method. One of the biggest brokers on Binance and a market maker on Huobi is Pinonex.

    Pionex gives traders the liquidity they need to fill orders considerably more quickly by combining liquidity from both of these exchanges. Additionally, traders have access to a large variety of cryptocurrencies on the market. To sum up, Pionex is a good option to consider if you wish to engage in low-cost, high-volume trading.


    1. Free trading bots for Auto Trading.
    2. Substantial Liquidity Aggregating Engine.
    3. Comprehensive Data Analytics and Reporting.
    4. Easy to access and set parameters for bots.

    3) Bitstam

    Through banks, credit cards, and wire transfers, +Bitstamp enables trading of over 50 cryptocurrencies and digital assets for fiat or conventional money. For instance, you may use a credit card to purchase up to 20,000 USD, GBP, or EUR every month. You can deposit up to $10,000 daily and $25,000 monthly via ACH.

    Additionally, you are able to withdraw up to $50,000 per transaction in real money using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Only personal accounts can withdraw money, however institutional accounts, including those that trade over the counter and through APIs, can use the exchange. However, US citizens are the only ones who can make ACH withdrawals. For some, a bank is the only option.

    Conclusion: Bitstamp’s cheap and tiered fee structure, which is based on a customer’s 30-day trading volume, is its strongest feature.

    Trading commissions range from 0.50% for transactions under $10,000 to 0% for transactions above $20 million. 15% of staking rewards are taken as stake fees. For SEPA, ACH, Faster Payment, and crypto, deposits are free. 0.05% for international wire transfers and 5% for card transactions Withdrawals are 2 GBP for Faster Payment, 3 Euros for SEPA, and 0.1% for international wire. The cost of withdrawing cryptocurrency varies.

    No minimum is required for accounts.
    Our score: 5.0


    One of the greatest locations to purchase Bitcoin using a credit card, bank account, PayPal, and other payment options is You may trade any other cryptocurrency for Bitcoin via the exchange.

    Additionally, you may use the Visa card to immediately convert Bitcoin and more than 250 other cryptocurrencies to money. After that, you may make purchases at merchant locations that accept Visa and make withdrawals from ATMs all around the world.

    You may trade Bitcoin perpetual futures and standard futures on the market as well. With margins of up to 10 times your original order capital, you can trade these and other securities.


    • Convert Bitcoin or stake it to earn rewards of up to 14.5%.
    • Hold BTC on the secure wallet.
    • Connect to Bitcoin hardware wallets, trading APIs, and external wallets.

    Fees: 0.04% to 0.4% maker fees, 0.1% to 0.4% taker fees, plus 2.99% for credit card purchases.

    5) Binance

    The comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange Binance offers features for charting, portfolio management, staking, and saving. It functions with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and other PC applications.

    To pay for gas and take part in other governance activities, the platform has its own token.

    However, after signing up, users must confirm their identity before they can purchase Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. Users of the exchange can buy cryptocurrency using a bank transfer, a credit or debit card, or cash. Additionally, you can deposit a cryptocurrency to exchange for another or to use as payment for other purchases.

    Conclusion/Verdict: Regardless of what they wish to trade, everyone may access significant crypto liquidity through this exchange.

    6) CoinSmart

    You may trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and others on the CoinSmart trading platform. You must first establish an account, which will be quickly validated.

    It enables access to the money the same day as the deposit. After authentication, CoinSmart will permit you to purchase and trade digital currencies. All Fiat withdrawals will be handled in five working days.

    CoinSmart accepts a variety of payment options. It gives users the ability to keep tabs on their trading, deposit, and withdrawal activity.

    In conclusion, CoinSmart provides a platform for cryptocurrency trading for both novices and experienced users. It is accessible to everyone and simple to use.

    Fees: Trading commissions for single trades and double trades are 0.20% and 0.30%, respectively.
    Minimum Balance: $100

    Our Ratings: 5 Stars

    What is the best site to buy Bitcoin

    7) Coinmama

    Users may purchase and sell Bitcoin using Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, SEPA, and a variety of other payment options on the Coinmama website. Anyone wishing to purchase bitcoin must first be verified as the owner using official identification documents and photographs. You fill out the information and then pay for the quantity of cryptocurrency you wish to purchase.

    After payment and wallet address confirmation, cryptocurrency will be delivered to your wallet. From the account you established, you can also check the progress of your orders.

    Conclusion/Verdict: It enables immediate Bitcoin purchases. When using a bank account to make a purchase, the cap is likewise high, at 30,000 USD. Additionally, it permits the use of external wallets.

    5.5 percent is the cost of each transaction.
    Minimum Balance: $10
    Our Score: 4.5

    What is the best site to buy Bitcoin

    8) Bitcoin

    You may only purchase Bitcoin on this website; all other cryptocurrencies are not available. MoonPay, which enables users to exchange cryptocurrencies in your local cash, supports the purchases. When you enter the desired purchase price for BTC, the quantity of bitcoin you receive is shown.

    You may then enter the wallet address and continue with the purchase. In order to join up with MoonPay and purchase Bitcoin, it instructs you to provide your email. Visa, MasterCard, all common debit and credit cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, as well as EU and Open Banking in the UK, are all accepted forms of payment. Cryptocurrency may be purchased between $20 to $50,000.

    What is the best site to buy Bitcoin

    9) Coinbase

    The most used platform in the US for buying bitcoin is this one. PayPal connection was just made possible, allowing users to utilize PayPal to pay for cryptocurrencies. On their website, as well as on Android and iOS smartphones, Coinbase lets you buy bitcoins. Additionally, you may invest in cryptocurrencies by planning daily, weekly, or monthly acquisitions.

    Conclusion/Verdict: Given that it provides other services like bitcoin investment, a sophisticated trading platform, custodial platform, and staking, Coinbase is one of the finest choices for buying Bitcoin.

    Fees: $0.99 for purchases under $10; $1.49 for those over $25; $1.99 for those over $50; and $2.99 for those over $200

    Minimum Balance: $10
    Our Score: 5/5

    What is the best site to buy Bitcoin


    Through the website’s MoonPay third-party service, users may buy and trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They can accomplish this through banks, payment applications, and credit cards. It offers a straightforward user interface via which users may purchase and sell cryptocurrency by simply entering the desired amount, wallet address, email, and other personal information when creating a MoonPay account.

    In conclusion/Verdict: Other than through third-party MoonPay, this website lacks a direct link for acquiring BTC.

    Fees: $0.99 for purchases under $10; $1.49 for those over $25; $1.99 for those over $50; and $2.99 for those over $200

    Minimum Balance: $30
    Our Score: 4.5

    What is the best site to buy Bitcoin

    11) Gemini

    An Android, iOS, and web application from the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange enables for the purchase of BTC. Additionally, it will soon have a Gemini credit card that will allow Bitcoin customers to receive points when they purchase Bitcoin from the exchange.

    With an account wallet where you can keep BTC, charting, price trackers, portfolio management, transaction history tracker, and other features, Gemini functions as a complete cryptocurrency exchange. In addition to BTC, it also facilitates the purchasing and trading of other cryptos.

    Conclusion/Verdict: Gemini offers protection from hackers. It enables the direct purchase of cryptocurrencies like BTC. Custody services are offered on this website for institutional investors and traders.

    Fees: 0.5% – 3.99%, depending on the platform and payment type. 3.49% for debit cards; up to 1.49% depending on the trading platform

    Account Minimum: 0.00001 Bitcoin worth
    Our Ratings: 4/5

    What is the best site to buy Bitcoin

    12) Paxful

    A peer-to-peer trading platform called Paxful enables buyers and sellers to exchange BTC and other cryptocurrencies for local fiat money. Additionally, it accepts credit cards, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and other regional payment options that are widely used across the world. One must purchase Bitcoin from peers who are looking to sell.

    After publishing a buy offer, the buyer can get in touch with the seller to arrange for payment and the deposit of cryptocurrency in escrow before the transaction is completed and validated.

    Additionally, direct wallet-to-wallet transmission is supported.

    Conclusion: This peer-to-peer trading network has extremely high transaction costs. It is very likely to get conned.

    Fees: Fees are based on the transaction’s value and current market rates. Direct mailing costs $1, or 1%, each transaction.

    Minimum Balance: $10
    Our Score: 4.5

    What is the best site to buy Bitcoin

    13) SoFi

    In addition to Bitcoin, customers may trade over 40 other cryptocurrencies and tokens. Additionally, it provides the chance to trade and invest in stocks, stock bits, ETFs, and even via their mobile application.

    However, the software allows for active investing, allowing users to sometimes acquire tiny amounts of cryptocurrency. Retirement accounts and investment are both automated.

    Conclusion/Verdict: For people who desire integrated investment in addition to purchasing cryptocurrencies, this is one of the greatest options.

    Fees: 1.25% for cryptocurrency transactions
    Minimum Balance: $10
    Our Score: 3.5/5

    What is the best site to buy Bitcoin

    14) Bisq

    Through its desktop application and website, the decentralized cryptocurrency Bisq enables users to exchange BTC for other currencies. There is no user identification verification required to utilize the exchange. In addition, there are no intermediaries because peer-to-peer transactions take place when users purchase and sell.

    A user merely has to add their crypto or national fiat account after signing up, after which they may accept current sale offers or make a buy or sell trade. The 2-of-2 multi-signature wallets may be used by user groups to further safeguard their cryptocurrency. The Tor network also hides nodes.

    Conclusion/Verdict: Because it is peer-to-peer and saves data locally on the user’s device rather than sending it to a central server, it is a safe platform.

    Fees: Each Bitcoin is subject to a maker charge of 0.10% and a taker fee of 0.70%. Since takers pay mining fees for trade fee transactions, deposit transactions, and payout transactions, additional costs could also be applicable.

    No minimum is required for accounts.
    Our Score: 3.5/5

    What is the best site to buy Bitcoin

    15) BlockFi

    Users of BlockFi may borrow money and earn interest on their cryptocurrency for up to 8.6% per year when a trade is made in addition to buying and selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. To trade with it, you may borrow cryptocurrency at a 4.5% APR rate, and doing so keeps you from having to sell your digital assets.

    You may finance an account after creating one using USD, cryptocurrency, or stablecoins. Deposits bring in income as well. Additionally, the platform provides apps for iOS and Android.

    Conclusion/Verdict: It offers charting and portfolio tracking in addition to all the advantages of an exchange. It is a peer-to-peer platform that enables cryptocurrency trading.

    Fees: The taker fee is 0.35 percent for a trade amount of 1 BTC.
    Account Minimum: 0.001 BTC.
    Our Ratings: 3.4/5

    What is the best site to buy Bitcoin

    Can you buy less than a bitcoin?

    How to Buy Bitcoin

    How Bitcoin Works