How to get started in binance platform?

How to get started in binance platform?


When you first start using Binance, it can seem like there are a lot of things to do. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything from downloading the application to creating an account and depositing funds. We’ll also show how easy it is to begin trading on Binance!

Download and install the application to your phone

To download the application, you can visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and search for binance. Once you find it, click on “Install” to install it on your phone.

Once installed, open up a browser window in order to access your account within the app. Follow these steps:

  • Open up a new tab in Chrome or Safari (or another web browser) by pressing Ctrl + T at once; this will open up an incognito window that is not saved to any Internet history or data collection by Google Chrome/Safari/etc., so no one will see what sites were visited while they were using this incognito window!

Create an account and verify it

There are two ways to create an account. You can either use your email address and password, or you can use a phone number and photo ID.

Once you’ve created your account, verify it with a phone number or photo ID before logging in again to make sure that no one has accessed your account without permission.

Do a deposit of USDT (Tether) to your account BEFORE starting trading

You need to deposit USDT (Tether) to your account before you can start trading.

It’s not mandatory, but it will help you get familiar with the platform and understand how things work on binance platform.

Start trading!

You can start trading right away, but you should wait a few hours to allow your USDT deposit to clear.

You can use the Binance app on your phone or go to the website on your computer.

You can also use the search box to find coins you want to buy or sell.

Now you can trade with Binance!

Now that you have your Binance account set up, it’s time to start trading! To begin using the platform, first make sure that you have USDT (Tether) in your account. If not, head over to coinbase and add USDT as a payment method on your account. Once this is done, log into Binance and go to the “Funds” tab at the top of the screen. Click on “Deposits/Withdrawals” from here and choose “View All” from there; this will show all of your available deposit options for cryptocurrency wallets or exchanges like Coinbase or Gemini which support Tether as a currency for trading purposes only.*

Now that we’ve covered how much money needs to be deposited into our account before beginning any transactions within their ecosystem, let’s move forward with what types of trades can actually be made from their platform itself!


This is the first step to getting started in Binance. The next thing you need to do is deposit USDT (Tether) into your account. This will allow you access to trade on the platform and start making profits!

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How to get started in binance platform? How to get started in binance platform?

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