Simple profitable trading strategies 2023

Simple profitable trading strategies 2023


I’ve been trading for about 15 years now. I started out as an amateur, and have learned a lot in that time. When I first started out, all I had was a computer with internet access and some basic trading software on it. Nowadays, there are many different ways to trade online, from automated programs that can handle your trades for you, to websites where people post their own strategies for others to follow. The most important thing is understanding how markets work—what causes prices to rise or fall; why patterns tend to repeat themselves over time (and what makes them different). Once you know these things well enough, it becomes easier to identify opportunities and take advantage of slight variations between two contracts’ values at the same time.”

Trading for a living

You can trade with a plan.

You can trade with discipline.

You can trade with consistency.

Don’t ever get too comfortable, because there will always be another opportunity to make money in the market, even if it’s just one small move that will create so much profit for you that you’re going to want to throw yourself off a cliff and scream at god for giving you such good luck!

Identifying and understanding patterns

You can use the patterns you find to your advantage.

For example, if you notice that a particular stock tends to go up around the same time every week, then it may be worth watching for new highs. Or maybe a company announces that it’s going to release its earnings results on a certain day and their stock price will drop before they announce them (this is actually not uncommon). If this happens repeatedly over time, then there’s an opportunity here!

The importance of keeping good records

  • Keeping good records is a must. This will help you determine if your strategy is working or not and if it needs to be revised.
  • A trading journal is a good way to keep track of all your trades, profits and losses over time. You can also use this as an opportunity to record any strategies that have worked well for you in the past, so that they can be used again in future trades (or at least reviewed).
  • It’s also useful having an emotional diary during each trade so that you know how excited/nervous/tired etc., after each trade ends up being successful!

Making a trading system

A system is simply a set of rules that you follow when trading. It’s important to keep it simple, so don’t try to make your own complex trading system or software that uses all kinds of different indicators and factors. The goal is not to make money but rather build a profitable trading strategy.

The first step in developing a profitable system is deciding which type of approach would work best for you: technical analysis, fundamental analysis or both combined together into one algorithm? You should also consider whether there are other factors at play besides just price movement that could affect the market such as sentiment or news releases (or even wars). Once these questions have been answered then we can move forward with building our strategies by breaking down each aspect into individual components such as buy/sell signals based on charts or indicators showing support levels for certain assets like commodities or stocks respectively

Simple strategy

The most successful traders in the world are not the ones who make the most money, but the ones who keep their accounts clean. If you’re serious about making money from trading, it’s important to have a system for recording your trades and sticking with it.

I’m not talking about some crazy Excel spreadsheet here—I’m talking about writing down what trade went where when, when it happened and why you did or didn’t take certain positions based on price movements or other factors. This will help you keep track of your successes as well as failures so that next time around, things go differently!

You also need discipline: if something doesn’t go right for whatever reason (or because someone else wants something), don’t be afraid of taking profits quickly instead of waiting until later—that way there won’t be any regret either way!

If you apply yourself, and stick to a plan, you can make a decent amount on trading.

If you apply yourself, and stick to a plan, you can make a decent amount on trading. The best part is that it’s not as scary as it might seem at first. This is because if you keep good records and stay focused on your plan, then there really isn’t much room for error or bad news in the market environment.

The most important thing to remember about trading strategy is that no two strategies will work for everyone. You should develop one strategy that works best for your personality type and risk tolerance level before moving onto other ones!


If you have the time and energy, trading can be a lucrative way to make money. You need to be disciplined and take calculated risks, but it’s not impossible. With some effort, you could become a profitable trader who is making good money at home or on their own terms in the office!

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