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Bitcoin drop below $20,000… here’s why!

Bitcoin drop below $20,000

The price of bitcoin has suddenly fallen back below the significant psychological level of $20,000.

The world’s largest cryptocurrency reached an intraday low of $19448 at 4:20 UTC at the Bitstamp trading platform.

According to the Coinglass cryptocurrency data platform, $112.83 million worth of cryptocurrencies have been liquidated over the past hours alone.

Long centers represent 94.94% of the surveyed centers.

The recent decline is likely due to infections and negative feelings caused by uncertainty from the FTX crypto giant in light of the recent disagreement with Benance.

The FTT digital currency suddenly dropped 14% in an hour.

The currency price has now fallen by a staggering 28% over the last 24 hours.

According to the blockchain analytics platform “PeckShield”, $284 million worth of cryptocurrencies were withdrawn from the FTX trading platform by a whale.

CZ shocked the CEO of Benance Market by announcing that the company had decided to sell all its FTT cryptocurrencies.

This came amid rumours that Alameda Research, a company closely linked to FTX, is experiencing financial problems.

While Sam Pankman told Fred that the company’s assets were in a good position, trying to lie rumors.

At the same time, “CZ” CEO Benance explained that he was not trying to fight FTX. Your

But the market had another opinion…

LINK digital currency reaches record level for first time in 3 months… Details here

The data analysis platform “Santiment” commented on the recent LINK digital currency jump amid the volatile crypto market.

The team of analysts at the data analysis platform “Santiment” believes that there were two possible reasons why LINK’s price could have risen above $9.

#Chainlink spiked all the way above $9.20 for the first time since August 13th, a ~3 month high despite very volatile markets. This rise has been supported by the largest amount of active $LINK addresses in 5 weeks, and traders are longing aggressively.

According to Santiment’s tweet, LINK briefly rose to $9.20, the highest level not seen since mid-August.

The analytics platform finds that LINK’s currency rate is driven by the huge activity of LINK portfolios over the past month.

Besides, traders were pushing LINK higher especially strongly after high funding rates.

At the time of writing, LINK’s digital currency trades close to its highest level in the above three months,

The currency trades at $8.70 but still shows a 7% rise over the past 24 hours.

On November 3, Chainlink published a hint about a new partnership with the decentralized gaming company.

Through this partnership, Chainlink intends to support the expansion of GameFi and NFT spaces using its oracle services.

Meanwhile, the LINK community is looking forward to the official announcement from Chainlink, as the announcement of the exact date is yet to be revealed.

Whales are actively buying LINK currency.

By the end of last October, the number of portfolios containing more than 100,000 LINK had reached 459.

This figure is the highest since 2017.

Bitcoin drop below $20,000

Bitcoin drop below $20,000

Bitcoin drop below $20,000

Google Cloud operates an audit node on the Solana blockchain… what does that mean?

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