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The founder of Ethereum converts $11.16 million of Ethereum (ETH) between portfolios… what happens?

The founder of Ethereum converts $11.16

The co-founder of the second largest network in the crypto ethereum industry converted nearly $12 million in cryptocurrencies between his portfolios in the last 20 days.

This activity immediately attracted the attention of the Krypto community.

According to LookOnChain analysis, the whale address ending with 0x9e92 which has received 9,300 Ethereum in the last 20 days can somehow be linked to the founder of Ethereum itself.

The address used to send money ends with “0xd04d” and most likely belongs to “Vitalik Butyrin”, as this wallet only received money from the portfolio of “Vitalik Butyren” which is abbreviated as “Vb3”.

After receiving this money, this whale has a total of 170,913 Ethereum worth about $260 million.

In theory, recent transactions make this whale one of the largest holders of cryptocurrency on the market.

Transaction history does not show any activity that would actually make it linked to a particular exchange platform or act as an OTC office.

Historically, Butyrin’s transactions usually lead to a sharp rise in ethereum fluctuations in the market, with both institutional investors and individual investors following the accounts of crypto influencers, enterprises and developers.

Some members of the community even assumed that Butyrin was willing to sell some of his properties, especially given the high price of ethereum and its trading with great interest compared to the price we saw in the market about two weeks ago.

Fortunately for ethereum investors, the price performance of the second largest cryptocurrency on the market has improved significantly since the beginning of the year.

Thanks to the recovery of network activity and the sudden rise in market inflows that inevitably affected the market’s largest cryptocurrencies such as ethereum and bitcoin.

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