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The Apple Store allows applications that sell non-exchangeable NFT codes

Spanish soccer league Laliga has entered the world of non-replaceable digital symbols NFT.

The league’s supervising organization recently announced the launch of its NFT platform, called “Laliga Golazos.”

The platform, launched in partnership with Dapper Labs, the same company that oversaw the launch of NBA Top Shots, aims to connect fans with some of the most iconic moments in Spanish football.

The Laliga Golazos platform aims to provide videos of the finest moments in La Liga football, from 2005 to the present.

The name Golazos comes from the Spanish word “gol” which means goal, referring to the best scoring moments in league history.

NFT will allow users to watch several corners of some games.

According to a press release, the moments will include dribbles and amazing skills, unusual passes, control operations and defensive actions, and goals celebrated by millions of fans around the world.

Each of these moments will enjoy a degree of scarcity, with rare moments experiencing less release than others, and will be released on the Flow blockchain.

About the new platform, “Jorge Urrutia del Pozo”, General Manager of Laliga Golazos

Laliga Golazos will enable fans to own part of Laliga’s history and participate in a whole new type of football community that recognizes and rewards them for their fanbase.

The platform is currently in a closed pilot phase and is expected to launch the first NFT on October 27.

Laliga’s orientation towards Crypto and blockchain:

These are only the latest series of product launches and partnerships that Laliga is currently developing to increase its business target audience and awaken new generations’ interest in the Spanish league.

Earlier this month, Laliga also announced a partnership with Globant, an Argentine software company, to build digital products in the areas of Web 3.0 and Metaphors.

OneSwap launches NFT market on CoinEx blockchain: to meet art with DeFi

On September 29, OneSwap, a decentralized platform popular with the NFT community, launched an NFT marketplace based on the CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) blockchain.

The new platform is a combination of CoinEx’s innovative decentralized arts and finance with the aim of empowering artists, promoting collaboration and encouraging creative work.

Of all NFT, CryptoPunks may impress NFT followers more deeply as unspeakable value avatars.

The NFTGo report showed that the NFT sector has a market capitalization of $22.56 billion, representing 18% of the entire crypto industry.

During a bear market, even an excellent NFT saw a drop in prices, discouraging those who dreamed of becoming NFT millionaires overnight and became off the market.

Is the core value of NFT simply in the production of millionaires?

Compared to mainstream derivatives such as contracts and leverage, it is clear that NFT is not the most suitable commodity to build wealth quickly.

What really distinguishes NFTs are their non-replaceable properties, or their ability to be unique and consistent proof of ownership.

Different from the equivalent transfer from $100 invoice to another, NFT can be considered as proof of tangible property ownership, making each tangible property unique.

The ability to prove ownership of anything in the crypto world is exactly what makes NFT irreplaceable.

NFT provides owners with an electronic record of authenticity and ownership of virtual goods, such as avatars, paintings and songs.

Virtual goods, given unique NFT, will have trading value, followed by the emergence of platforms that act as a bridge for NFT transactions between buyers and sellers.

OneSwap NFT market is one of these platforms where artists and collectors can create and trade NFT.

The typical NFT market charges up to 2.5% -15% of the transaction, while the OneSwap NFT market reduces it to 2%.

Also in store, original NFT creators can set NFT equity within the range between 0 and 10%, and users can issue NFT after paying gas fees.

Big awards for NFT transactions on OneSwap:

To celebrate the official launch of the OneSwap NFT market, the platform welcomes users and gives them a small fee trading while offering big prizes!

Duration: 13 Oct – 23 Oct


a. ” Users can receive CET rewards once they complete an NFT transaction worth more than $10 during the event.
b. A single address can only participate once, and transactions associated with this address will not be rewarded.

Market link with supply:

In addition to the basic functions of minting and trading NFT, the OneSwap NFT market follows the English auction, an open dynamic upward auction.

During the tender confirmation period, bidders interested in submitting their NFT offers begin in an upward order until the highest bid wins.

There are also some special circumstances in the English auction.

For example, if an NFT winning bidder is found to have insufficient assets in their address, NFT will go to the second highest bid.

If the bidder with the second highest offer is still unable to pay the NFT value, it will move to the third highest offer.

If there is no eligible buyer (with a bid higher than the opening bid) at the end, the auction will be cancelled.

Due to the changing value of NFT in the market, it is difficult for ordinary sellers to accurately determine the price of NFT.

An appropriate price must be set for NFT transactions so as not to discourage potential buyers or cause loss.

The English auction can effectively avoid the above concerns.

Owners can set the NFT start price at an acceptable low, leaving other considerations to the market, and buyers will constantly raise the price when bidding.

Buyers will get game-like fun from the bid.

The process of balancing reasonable giving with competitive giving is similar to the bargaining game.

The English auction provides an opportunity for buyers and sellers to jointly determine the value of NFT, and also gives them a sense of engagement and achievement.

As the first NFT market in CSC, the OneSwap NFT market will also see the inclusion of CoinEx Rugby Players NFT by CoinEx and RLWC.

She told the OneSwap platform that she looks forward to exploring and building a new era of NFT with users.

The NFT Group Actor “Anthony Hopkins” is challenging the downward market and breaking records


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