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Here are the most influential moments in the cryptocurrency market in 2022

The most important cryptocurrency news for 2022

A few hours after a new year came and the 2022 absence began out of sight.

The significant impact of the 2022 events on the crypto industry remained.

Here are the highlights and key moments in the cryptocurrency market in 2022:

Arrest of Wall Street Alligator February 2022:

The U.S. Department of Justice unveiled the largest ever seizure of digital currencies after the arrest of two people who conspired to launder $5.1 billion of bitcoin stolen from the Bitfinex trading platform hack in 2016, where Elijah Liechtenstein and his wife Heather Morgan were arrested by federal agents in New York City.

Morgan, who is believed to have used the pseudonym Razalkhan, promoted herself on social media as a rapper, entrepreneur and Forbes contributor prior to her arrest.

She referred to herself in many social media posts as a “Wall Street crocodile”!

US President Joe Biden’s Executive Order, March 2022:

In March, U.S. President Joe Biden published an executive order on government censorship of cryptocurrencies.

That step was aimed at securing the country’s financial system from threats such as illicit financing as well as increasing justice, effectiveness and inclusiveness.

The executive order was generally praised within the cryptocurrency community as a welcome step forward.

Shiba Inu Project enters metaverse April 2022:

The Shiba Inu team introduced a virtual world dubbed “SHIB: The Metaverse” in April.

This virtual world promises to give landowners a chance to generate negative income and generate different rewards.

Throughout the year, the currency meme has also obtained several partnerships related to metaverse

The EU’s approach to banning bitcoin:


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