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The US authorities are investigating Alameda’s suspicious portfolio transactions.

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crypto Market affiliate knows that the founder of FTX and Alameda Research was arrested and released on bail until the trial date.

Although the founder of FTX is currently subject to bail under strict rules, there have been multiple suspicious transfers of cryptocurrencies from wallets associated with him or his former empire.

Despite refuting any contacts, Bloomberg reported that U.S. authorities were planning to investigate the matter.

Last weekend, several Alameda portfolios began moving cryptocurrencies built according to the ERC-20 standard and converting them to bitcoin. Some of these currencies included:


“Sam Pankman Farid”, founder of FTX, who is currently released on a $250 million bond and lives in his parents’ home, preferred not to stay silent and tweeted that he had nothing to do with these transfers and transactions.

Where he explained that he had no access to these accounts, he added:

I think it’s possible that many legitimate parties of the FTX have access to these funds, I hope that’s what’s happening here.

I would be happy to help advise regulators on this if they wanted to.

According to Bloomberg, suspicious cryptocurrency movements have attracted the attention of U.S. federal prosecutors, and they plan to open an investigation.

Just a few days after the above transfers, other claims have emerged that “Bangman” made new transactions, eventually cashing in approximately $700,000 in cryptocurrencies.

One day, he said, he left only $100,000 in his bank account after the bankruptcy was declared, and the court order severely prevented him from operating in such large sums.

However, the Bloomberg report appears to focus solely on Alameda-related transfers, and “Bangman” has not commented on other transfers to date.

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cryptocurrency wallet

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